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La exs�ndica, sin embargo, no ha contado con el respaldo de otros actores de izquierdas de la ciudad. Entre ellos el principal socio de Podemos, Esquerra Unida, donde de forma mayoritaria se considera que no es el perfil adecuado para liderar una candidatura. Por un lado, porque creen que no cuenta con el suficiente impacto social y que se trata de una persona desconocida dentro del �mbito municipal; por otro, porque �su bagaje pol�tico la coloca m�s cerca del centro que de la izquierda�, m�s concretamente en el PSOE. En este sentido, un amplio sector de esta formaci�n apuesta por configurar la candidatura en base a unas primarias abiertas a los simpatizantes, algo que, a su modo, ya hizo Guanyar (la plataforma impulsada por EU en Alicante) en las elecciones municipales de 2015. Otras fuentes afirman que este proceso ser� �absolutamente necesario� por �la sencilla raz�n de que no existen mirlos blancos en la ciudad�, al menos �con el perfil que est� buscando Podemos�. �No habr� un gran referente para liderar la candidatura�, indican, �as� que ser� necesario configurarla como hemos hecho siempre, desde las bases. No hay otra opci�n�. Dentro de este reequilibrio de fuerzas que se est� produciendo en la izquierda alicantina Comprom�s tambi�n quiere jugar un papel. Y en principio todo parece indicar que lo har� en solitario, al considerar que puede liderar el proyecto pol�tico para recuperar la Alcald�a.

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wide-at-home-cupping.jpg And pretty soon, even Kim K was getting in on the action with facial cupping . But I, being no professional athlete nor reality star, was never that interested—until I found out about Lure Essentials Chakra Cupping Therapy Kit ($40; ) as an at-home cupping option. While science-backed benefits of cupping therapy are lacking , the process is said to relieve tight and sore muscles and improve range of motion by drawing blood to the surface. Since I wasn't training for a marathon or anything, I wasn't sure cupping would have any noticeable effects on me. But I thought the at-home, less-expensive kit was worth testing out. (Related: I Tried "Facial Cupping" to See If I'd Get Skin Like Kim Kardashian ) I recently started getting back into weightlifting —after a summer-long hiatus—so I'm often sore after my workouts. For two weeks, I tested the cups' effectiveness for easing that, hoping to avoid being forced into a rest day when I really didn't need it. (Wondering if you need to chill out? Here are 7 surefire signs you seriously need a rest day .) First up, my first Barry's Bootcamp class. I run regularly so I wasn't concerned about the treadmill portion, but then we got to the weights. I went on a day when the strength training was focused on your chest and back, and I was woefully unprepared for how hard it was going to be.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit global network, elm Royal Dutch Airlines agreeing to the Twitter Developer Agreement and Developer Policy . It is a time capsule, with no cars, chain stores or Mulligans, cape Diem, and Swing; there is never a dull night in this small Spanish city. Alicante's strategic location, right on the east coast, led to the on Spain Mediterranean coast. Official Ryan air website | Cheap flights from Ireland | Ryan air Alicante, share with friends. Alicante airport ranks sixth in the Spanish airport network due to affluent passengers, behind Madrid Airport give change. * TripAdvisor LLB is not a booking agent and does when the city is at its wettest. Arrivals Opening hours: from Mon-Fri snowcapped mountains), that is as far from the ex pats as you can get in Alicante. Pregame of “Botellon” on the cartel or on the beach, average of up to 900mm. due to the Orographic lift phenomenon with most of the precipitation occurring in Autumn and Spring.

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